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About MIC Kanagawa

Living in a foreign culture where you are not familiar with the language will involve a lot of inconveniences and difficulties. This so-called "language barrier" may seem especially high when you need medical attention for your illness or injury.

MIC Kanagawa's founding mission and goal is to "create a society where everyone can enjoy full access to medical services, regardless of their race, nationality or cultural background."

We will assist your life and medical needs through language interpretation.

Getting an interpreter for your hospital visit

We send interpreters to hospitals under contract.

Our interpreters are all volunteers trained as medical interpreters.

We do not accept requests for interpreters directly from patients. You need to ask a social worker at the hospital you plan to visit for the interpreting service.

The interpreting cost is free at most hospitals, although some hospitals will charge you 1,080 yen for 3 hours.

Getting an interpreter for your visit to public facilities

We send interpreters to public facilities, such as Kanagawa prefectural high schools, schools for the disabled, child consultation centers, government offices, immigration offices, etc.

Call 045-317-8813 to book an interpreter.(The staff member answering your call may not speak your language.)

The office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00-16:00, and closed on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.

Please call us 3 days (excluding holidays) before the date when you will need an interpreter, if possible.

The interpreting service for public facilities costs 3,240 yen for 3 hours.

Free Health Consultation for Foreign Residents

At the Free Health Consultation, you can get a chest X-ray, urine test, blood pressure/weight measurements, and a medical examination by a doctor, free of charge. You can also consult with a dietitian about your nutrition and a social worker about medical costs, etc.

Multi-language leaflet on the next scheduled Free Health Consultation

Supporting Membership
Support us to support others in this scheme to provide interpretations where needed.
We try hard to remove the “language barrier.”

MIC Kanagawa is an authorized NPO.
Your supporting membership fees and donations are tax-deductible.

Supporting Membership Fees
 -Individual 3,000 yen
 -Organization 10,000 yen
(per year from April to March next year)

* You can become a regular member with the annual fee of 6,000 yen, which is not tax-deductible.

To become a member or make donations, please send your name, address, phone number, e-mail account and membership type to MIC Kanagawa by e-mail or fax, and transfer the fee to one of our bank accounts.
We will send you a receipt in return.

Bank accounts for fee transfer

Japan Post Bank ゆうちょ銀行
Account No. 00270-2-55771
Account name MIC Kanagawa
MIC かながわ
Mizuho Bank みずほ銀行
Branch Yokohama Ekimae
Savings account No. 3819349
Account name Tokuhi) Tagengo-shakai Resource Kanagawa

Address: Kanagawa Kenmin Center 13th Fl.,
2-24-2, Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 221-0835, JAPAN

TEL: 045-314-3368 FAX: 045-342-7918
E-mail: mickanagawa@network.email.ne.jp

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